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English Cream Golden Retrievers


Golden Retrievers are happy, beautiful and intelligent dogs that are easy to train. 

Golden Retrievers originated in Scotland in the 1860s to retrieve both waterfowl and upland game and were brought to North America in the late 1890s.  The Golden is equally at home as a beloved companion, a gun dog, a service dog, a performance dog, and a show dog.  Goldens are noted for their gentle, loving dispositions and desire to please, and are an excellent breed for families with children.

The Golden is a large, double coated dog, with a mature male standing 23-24 inches at the shoulders and weighing 65-75 pounds.  A mature female is a little smaller at 21.5-22.5 inches and 55-56 pounds.


"Buck Boy of Great Substance & Stuff"

Buck is BEAUTIFUL. Big, blocky, healthy, super sweet and friendly, and genetically sound. What more could you ask for?


"Fargher Lake's Cream of the Crop"
Violet came to us at the age of two.  She was bred and raised in Wisconsin by an elite breeder of Goldens.  She is from great pedigrees and will produce BEAUTIFUL pups!!

Buck and Violet's Biographies are below!


Buck Boy of Great Substance & Stuff - a.k.a. BUCK is our unbelievably beautiful boy from an impressive pedigree lined with champions. He is an English Golden Retriever of the light cream color.  His parents were imported from Ukraine. He is from beautiful, genetic health tested and OFA certified parents.  He is fully genetic tested and has his OFA hips, elbows and cardiac certifications. His pedigree boasts names such as, Host of Angles, Golden Duck, Zampanzar Dream and many many more champions.
Buck Pedigree.jpg


Fargher Lake's Cream of the Crop, a.k.a. Violet is a sight to behold when she is running!  She is magnificent. She is fast, agile and beautiful.  She came to us at the age of two.  She is circumstantially timid but I can see that in due time she will radiate confidence like she should.  Her pedigree hails champions from Ukraine with names such as, Huntmagic Iggy Pop, Tramin Ranger, Golden Duck, Sky Pride, Host of Angels and more. Her pedigree is outstanding and her hips and elbows are certified with OFA.
Violet Pedigree.jpg
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